FAQ How is EuroKids related to EuroSchool?
EuroSchool is a venture of EuroKids International Ltd, the promoters of EuroKids. Today, Eurokids is one of India’s largest pre-school chains with over 780 pre-schools spread across 280 cities in India. EuroSchool has been born out of the expectations of parents who had experienced the EuroKids methodology and felt it necessary that there was a need for EuroKids to launch a higher institution to provide continuity to the new skills acquired by their children at the pre-school level. EuroKids students are offered a preferential window period for admissions to EuroSchool.
FAQ Are children from EuroKids guaranteed admission in EuroSchool?
EuroSchool provides a preferential window period for children from EuroKids each year for a week prior to opening up of admissions to the general categories. This ensures that EuroKids children will always enjoy first preference in admissions to EuroSchools. However it must be noted that admissions will be subject to the number of vacancies at the school at a given point of time.
FAQ To which board is EuroSchool affiliated?
All EuroSchools across the country are affiliated either to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) or the Indian Council of Secondary Education (ICSE).
FAQ How many students are accommodated in a typical classroom?
Our classrooms are spacious and each classroom has not more than 35 students for the primary grades and a maximum of 30 students for pre-primary grades.
FAQ What is the student – teacher ratio at EuroSchools?
We maintain a low Pupil Teacher ratio by ensuring 1 teacher for every 15 students at the pre primary level and 1 teacher for every 30 students in the primary / middle school grades.
FAQ What curriculum do you follow at EuroSchool?
EuroSchool believes in the concept of Balanced Schooling where there is an appropriate mix of academics and co-curricular activities. The curriculum is designed to make the learning process enjoyable and stress free for the child. In line with this principle, the EuroSchool curriculum has been designed for exclusive use in our chain of schools by some of the most experienced academicians in the country and abroad. The Governing Council, headed by Mr Andy Gray, comprises some of the best educationists from academics with hands-on experience and exposure to modern teaching methodologies.

Cerebrum, our knowledge hub at Mumbai is a state of the art complex which houses passionate academicians equipped with advanced tech tools. Upgrading content, redesigning curriculum and providing online training to our faculty team are some of the activities at Cerebrum which in turn have enabled us to retain our position as change leaders in education.
FAQ How are the assessment & examination procedures at EuroSchool?
The EuroSchool learning methodology discourages rote learning completely. The backbone of our system is a structure of 'Pupil Performance Standards'. These are simple statements of competencies arranged in groups, which your child will be taught to fulfil and which are laid out subject-wise.

EuroSchool follows the system of continuous assessment, a unique methodology for evaluating pupil performance. It comprises of Observation, Assessment of ongoing activity and written assignments through the year.

Since we firmly believe that no two children are alike, EuroSchool refrains from ranking or relatively grading children in progress cards. Instead parents are continuously updated on the monthly progress of their wards, clearly listing the skills acquired by them at the end of each monthly program while highlighting the strengths & weaknesses of the student.
FAQ Are text books recommended by EuroSchool?
We, at EuroSchool believe that learning is a dynamic process and hence content has to be continuously upgraded to meet the demands of a changing world. Standard text books become redundant in an evolving world. Hence EuroSchool does not recommend text books in its curriculum. Instead our academic team has exclusively tailored worksheets for the students of each grade based on the weekly teaching plans. In addition to this EuroSchool Library provides quality reading of reference books for its students who desire to do so.
FAQ What are the main features of EuroSchools?
EuroSchool is a ‘School with a difference’ and has a number of exclusive features that differentiate it from other schools. Some of these are:
Balanced Schooling, our innovative concept of education aims to strike a balance between academics & co-curricular activities
LRPA, our unique teaching methodology which educates a child on the principle of “Learn – Apply – Practise – Reinforce”
Cerebrum, our research brain centre in Mumbai is a treasure trove of academic and human resource where Content & Curriculum are upgraded on an ongoing basis thus ensuring that children are always equipped with the latest skills
Worksheet based learning that replaces traditional and outdated text books
Pupil Performance Standards, our own system of assessment which substitutes traditional assessment methods thereby creating a stress free environment for the students
Excellent program for co-curricular and after-school activities for students by encouraging them to participate in Clubs on Robotics, Aeromodelling, Nature, Theatre, Music & Dance. We have a great infrastructure for multiple sporting activities backed by professional coaching for outdoor sports such as cricket, football, lawn tennis, basketball and indoor games namely table tennis, carom and floor ball.
Parent Orientation Program is an exclusive feature of EuroSchools where interactive sessions are conducted with parents at the beginning of each academic year to brief them on the school programs and objectives for the given year
FAQ What are the co-curricular activities conducted by the school?
EuroSchools provide one of the best platforms to children in the area of co-curricular activities. Students are encouraged to participate in after-school club activities such as Robotics, Aero Modelling, Astronomy, Performing Arts, Theatre to name a few.

In contrast to other institutions, EuroSchool provides ample scope for students to develop their potential in all kinds of sports activities. EuroSchools have huge playgrounds which house facilities for football and cricket, Lawn Tennis & Basketball courts, swimming pools and indoor stadiums for table tennis, carom and floor ball. Students are also provided with professional training to excel in their sport of interest and emerge as champions.
FAQ What are the normal school hours at EuroSchools?
All EuroSchools are day schools with school hours from 8.30am to 3.15pm for the primary grades and from 8.30am to 12.30pm for the pre-primary students. However each school is permitted to make certain changes in these timings on account of logistical reasons and hence it is recommended that individual schools are contacted for current timings. Normally Saturdays and Sundays are weekend holidays at EuroSchool.
FAQ Do EuroSchools have their own canteen facilities and are there any restrictions on lunch packs carried to school by students?
Canteen is an optional facility available at most EuroSchools, details of which can be obtained from individual schools. In keeping with its vision of healthy living for the children, EuroSchool has evolved a Nutrition Policy which emphasises that parents should send good and nutritious food for their children and refrain from fast foods, fried snacks or aerated drinks. Parents are requested to note that only vegetarian food is permitted at EuroSchools. In the safety interests of the students, EuroSchools prohibit food delivered to the students by private ‘Dabbawallahs’ or ‘Tiffin Boys’.
FAQ Do you provide transportation and at what cost?
Transport for students is an optional facility offered by EuroSchool. The vehicles are enabled with a sophisticated Vehicle Tracking System made available to parents to locate their children during their journey. The transport charges differ from student to student based on the pickup point and logistical distance of the same from the school. You may contact the Transport Cell at the respective school for details on our transport policy and the applicable charges.
FAQ What is the school’s directive on uniforms?
At EuroSchools, we have uniforms designed by professional designers who have taken utmost care in ensuring comfort to the child while providing aesthetic quality to the designs. Uniforms are supplied from the school store prior to the commencement of a new academic year, dates for which are announced well in advance. However no uniforms are recommended in EuroSchools for children from playgroup and nursery.
FAQ How can we obtain admission for our child at EuroSchool?
All EuroSchools will formally announce the commencement of the admission process during mid October / November. Advertisements in leading dailies will list the dates for issue and submission of application forms. Application forms and prospectus can be collected from the concerned school on the dates mentioned in the announcement. Details of the admission process and documents required are clearly mentioned in the prospectus. On completion of admissions, the list of selected candidates will be put up on the school notice board in addition to direct communication to the parent intimating the last date for payment of fees and other procedures.
FAQ Are children required to undergo written tests while seeking admissions to EuroSchool?
EuroSchool believes in an open policy on admissions and hence children are not subjected to entrance examinations. However for students seeking admission directly to grade IV or above, we do conduct a Skills Assessment Sessions which enables us to ascertain the milestones achieved by the child prior to entering EuroSchool.
FAQ Are parents interviewed as a part of the child’s admission process?
We strongly disagree with the principle of evaluating or interviewing parents as an indicator to admit their wards.
FAQ Does EuroSchool admit children with special needs?
Yes, we admit special needs children in line with our policy on Inclusion; where in children with special needs are educated in normal, mixed ability classes with children of the same chronological age. While addressing such children the EuroSchool works jointly with the parent by understanding the needs of the child through an appropriate clinical assessment.
FAQ What is the fees structure at EuroSchools?
As such EuroSchools follow a standard fee structure in terms of categories for all its schools though the amount charged under a particular category may vary with the location of a school.The standard categories include:
Admission Fee paid once on enrolling into EuroSchool
Term Fees & Tuition Fees paid each year in two equal instalments
Library Deposit paid once on enrolment
Library charges & School Essentials paid annually

Apart from the above individual schools may request for payment on account of specific events or excursions.
FAQ What is Smart Class?
Smart Class is an innovative audiovisual technology powered by a large repository of curriculum based on digital content. It enables teachers to use age appropriate multimedia content. All our classrooms are Smart Class enabled.